Xiao Meng: Chine Boy With Giant Feet

A teenager from China (Guangzi Zhuang region in Southern China) Xiao Meng was born with a rare congenital ailment called neurofibromatosis (It is a disease that gets transmitted genetically and leads to certain parts of our body swelling up like tumors especially those areas that fall in the path of our nerves ). In such a genetic condition his feet swelled abnormally as he grew up. Doing regular activities like his friends happens to be really impossible for this 14 year old teenager.

His medical condition earned him the nickname Hobbit boy from his school & college friends. Such medical situation also restricts the options for shoes. Expect winter he has no other option but to go barefoot for his regular outing. During winter a denim cover is the only option that he has to cover his Elephant Manlike appendages.

Though the symptom of neurofibromatosis was distinctly noticeable after his birth, but the poor financial condition of his parents didn’t allow them to afford any kind of treatment. His feet enlarged so much that in 2012 his right foot bent back automatically.

By realizing the severity of Xiao Meng’s condition in 2011 October his school teachers decided campaigning for his treatment, which can help his family to start his treatment properly.  In response to their campaign Shanghai Children Hospital came forward to offer free treatment. China Southern Airlines also extended their hands to arrange for free travel for the boy along with his family. The campaign was so successful (with full support of Chinese media) that his family managed to collect thousands of pounds for his treatment.

In an interview Xiao Meng expressed his willingness to walk, run, wearing shoes like his friends. He wants to live a life like that of a normal teenager. His father Meng Zhaoguang also expressed his financial inability to treat him in spite seeing his difficulties.

According to a doctor from Shanghai Children Hospital they initially treated the condition & allowed it to be a bit stable. The doctors then planned to lower the size of his feet to make it normal. The whole process will take almost six months. At the very first stage the boy had to go through a surgery, where doctors tried to clear the extra tissues from his giant foot. Later the teenager will need to learn how to use his new feet.

The surgery was a success & he is going through a physiotherapy process to use his new feet. Though according to the doctors, his right foot still needs some more treatment.


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