World’s Longest Tree Top Walk

Situated in the Germany’s Bavarian Forest National Park (central Europes’s biggest protected forest area & also borders the Czech Republic’s Bohemian Forest), Neuschonau has the world’s longest tree top walk. The tree tower, which is 144 ft tall, is the main feature of this tree walk. It is not only unique with respect to its architectural shape but also in terms of how the tower shapes up and around 3 enormous and ancient 38 meter wide, 125 ft high fir trees. The ramp winds its way around at 500 meter height and thereby provides a stunning view and nourishes the 3 fir trees.

Beginning from the parking area, very next to the wildlife enclosing, this tree top walk begins from the entrance tower. Easy elevator allows every people (people who are on wheelchair or even people with kids etc.) to get the access easily. This is one of the ideal places for nature lovers to enjoy the adventure of nature.

The 1300 meters long path keeps you informed about the various adventurous points, like mountain forest etc. You can enjoy the unspoiled wildness towards Rachel & Lusen Mountains. It also allows you to get the feeling of a sea of trees at the Bavarian as well as Bohemian Forest. You can also enjoy the vast landscape on the Neuschonau side.  Even in a sunny clear day it can help you to enjoy the greatest experiences of Alps.

The walk spreads for more than 1300 meters and the peak height of the walk is about 25 meters above all the trees. This gives the visitors a stunning view. One of the stunning views that really enchant the visitors is the oval shaped dome present at the end of the walk.

The principle constituent of this risk free adventure is 27 pole enormous structures constructed from massive trees. Its safety equipment’s contains transparent net as well as wooden fence too. Some more adventures like rope bridges or stations with wooden bridges are places here & there along with that tree top walk.

As you go past clearances and dead wood areas of the tree top, you will end up in the crown of the trees where birds and insects have their most preferred habitats. At the conclusion you will find the gigantic tree tower.

Along with the way up-to its crown from the tree trunk it will give you an opportunity to experience various lives, like birds, some small animals, insects & mosses, which can be enjoyed from a very different perspective. People with some challenges can also enjoy all these stuff along with smooth incline.

This wooden construction has been integrated with the forest so well that it can easily provide you a complete natural experience. This can be unexpected, but extremely spectacular.Some concerns have been raised about the walk’s impact on the local ecology. According to experts they can have some adverse impacts on the local ecology.

In spite of the fact that during construction of the walkway some pine trees were intruded upon, the impact on ecology is not that significant because of its height and hence the local flora and fauna can still grow.

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