Wanchos – A Strong and Oldest Tribe of Arunachal Pradesh

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  • Wancho Girls

    All the tribes tell the same story. They are surrounded on all sides, the game is destroyed or driven away; they are left to starve, and there remains but one thing for them to do – fight while they can (George Crook). Tribes are an integral part of every civilization, since the evolution of mankind people related themselves to different tribes. Tribes follow their own culture and their cultural values are reflected through dresses, habits of living, food and the way they celebrate their occasions and festivals.
  • Wancho Tribe of Longding, Arunachal Pradesh, India

    The Wanchos inhabit the western part of Tirap district, bordering Nagaland. They are a carefree, cheerful and hard-working people. Head hunting was customary with them in the old days. It was connected with many of the social activities of the tribe. Their society is divided into four classes the Wanghams (chiefs), the Wangpana , the Wangaue and Wangaas . They have a strict sense of discipline and the law and order of the society is maintained by a village council. The entire tribe is divided into about forty confederacies of villages. Tattooing is a social custom among them. They believe in the existence of two powerful deities, Rang and Baurang. The women are good weavers but the art is restricted to the members of the chief’s families only. They are expert in wood carving also.
  • Warriors Are Ready with Traditional Wear

    India is among those countries in which still many people are proud to be part of their respective tribes and follow the norms and values in every aspect of life. One such tribe is Wancho; inhabitants of Patkai Hills (Tirap District) are known as Wancho. Tirap District is situated in Arunchal Paradesh and their population is above 35,000, culturally they belong to Nocte and Konyank Naga and the language they speak relates to Tibeto-Burman Family.
  • Wancho Guy Enjoying the Celebration

    Religion of Wancho people is Animism and they worship the spiritual things, they believe that two powerful gods exist (Rang and Baurang). Some Bapist and Roman Catholic Christians are also followers of this tribe.
  • Great Warriors enjoying the Celebration

    Oriah is the major festival of Wancho; every year it is organized in March/April for 6-12 days, this festival is a blend of prayers, songs and dances. For greetings, Wancho People use bamboo tubes enriched with Rice Beer. As a mark of respect, Pork Skin is presented to the head of the village and people sing and dance to fully celebrate this festival.
  • Houses Made From Woods, Bamboos and Dry Leaves

    The Wancho use wood and bamboos to construct their houses and cover the roof with dry leaves.
  • Unique Tatoo

    One of the distinguishable elements of Wancho people is Tattoos, men wear tattoos on 4-limbs and whole face (except eyes and lips) and women embellish Tattoos with Necklace and Bangles.
  • Girls Weaving the Beads

    The women adorn themselves with necklaces and bangles, along with some light tattooing as well.
  • Colourful Waist Belt

  • Homemade Jewelries

  • Traditional Exclusive Necklace Made by Wachos

  • Waist Belt

  • Incedible Crown made from Feathers

  • Wancho Headgear

  • Wrist Band

  • War Dance With Exclusive Props

  • War Dance of Wanchos Tribe of Arunachal Pradesh, India

  • Tepioca Kept for Drying

    These Clicks were taken on the occasion of celebration by the Wanchos, when Govt. of Arunachal Pradesh declared Longding as a separate District.

    Image Courtesy By – Tumter Riba, Director at ANN (Arunachal News Network)

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