TV and Movie Couples We Find Really Cute

Romeo-Juliet is like a trend setter in love, however in modern times you can see more innovative & sweet couples around you. Some of them are so famous among people that they even like to copy them in reality.

You can find several cute television as well movie couples whenever you turn on your television. They are so lively that you want to get somebody like them in your love life.

Some of these couples are as follows,

From Twilight Edward Cullen and Bella Swan
Love between Bella Swan & Edward Cullen is like eternal. Since they met each other at forks they developed a passionate strong bond. The guy Edwards was so attached to Bella (their very first clash in science class) that he was not able to attend the school even. However they crossed every obstacle to come close.
From Glee Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson
Kurt is a lonely guy till he comes across Blaine. Blaine is someone who makes him understand that it’s not a flaw to be a different person. Though sometimes Kurt feels quite lonely, Blaine is always by his side. Even at the prom Blaine was not at all reluctant to dance with Kurt in the presence of all their schoolmates. Doesn’t that sound cute?.
The Notebook (Noah and Allie)
Whenever we want to recapitulate the most favorite onscreen kisses, Allie & Noah comes first in our mind. At South Carolina they met each other when they were teenagers. Later Noah had to move away because of war & they had no other option but to break-up. However their love lived on & they grew old after tons of deep drama.
From Secret Life of the American Teenager Amy Juergens and Ricky Underwood
Amy & Ricky is a couple who had a lot of life changing experiences. After all these drama they even had a kid. Ricky used to be a trouble maker, however he had passionately proved his love & care for Amy. When she was dating Ben, he didn’t step back & fought to be the guy of her life. They successfully proved their true love for each other.
From The Vampire Diaries Elena Gilbert and Stefan Salvatore
The moment they meet with each other Elena & Stefan fall in love with each other. In spite of their age differences they clicked truly. They proved that age bar doesn’t matter when you truly feel for each other. Affection is really an important part of every love life.
The Last Song (Ronnie and Will)
Life of Ronnie was quite rough & tough till she met Will. Sad end of their parent’s relationship forced her to believe that there is no true love in this world. It’s a myth not a reality. Nonetheless meeting with Will encouraged her to believe that true love exist. She was able to start a new relationship with her dad & also found enjoyment in playing piano.
Sherrie and Drew ( Rock of Ages)
Sherrie & Drew always successfully hit the highest string whenever they were together. Because of their insane chemistry, dreams of becoming superstars & craze for music helped them to keep their relationship quite strong & healthy even during tough times.
From The Amazing Spider-Man Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker
The set of The Amazing Spider Man is the place of origin of love between Emma & Andrew. It was really fun to watch their wired flirting, just because it was appearing so real. She proved her character by supporting him after the death of his uncle.
From Lucky One Logan and Beth
Whenever we think about some cute love stories we simply can’t ignore Beth & Logan. When Logan discovers the picture of Beth in Iraq, he was well aware that she is the guardian angel. He went to Louisiana from Colorado to discover her. Though initially she was quite doubtful about him (he came so far just to work in her dog house), but latter on she also started to feel for him, when she found him quite well bonded with her son.
From The Hunger Games, Katniss, Gale, and Peeta
If we want to mention the love triangle, then you simply can’t forget to mention The Hunger Games. However it’s more about hardship than guys, but we can’t ignore our liking for strong Gale or the sweet guy.
Modern Family (Dylan & Haley)
Though Dylan & Haley from Modern Family appear quite foolish, but they can’t avoid their intense love for each other.

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