Sky Is The Limit For The M400 Skycar

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Want A Ride on the latest Flying machine

Driving can be your passion, car racing your forte, adventure rides can also be what you like to go for. Which age are we in the jet age or the sky age? We have sky walk, sky metro service and now sky car. So have you ever imagined sky driving your car in the wildest dream? Yes it could have been in your dreams but now your dream can come true with the amazing Sky Car just for you.

The Mollers Sky Car M400 is the latest addition or a dream come true of driving through the clouds. Wow doesn’t it sound really fabulous.

A Few words about the inventor

A prototype VTOL (Vertical Take-off and landing) Car designed by Canadian born US Engineer Paul Moller is very much a Sky car and what more it can be driven on road as well as in the sky. Being an Engineer Dr Moller was very keen and interested on inventing sky base models and he was successful in inventing the very first a VTOL Flying Saucer Volantor almost 30 years back, but it didn’t take off as he planned. But that didn’t stop him from trying, though he took up the job of being a professor at the California University, he kept his passion of inventing a personal flying vehicle strong and deep within, the sky car M4OO is supposed to be environment friendly, strong, economic in its cost as well as maintenance and is the result of his hard work.

The Sky Car M400

  •  This is nothing but a dream come true and what has this unique car to offer? It’s an absolute great innovation. The car model planned is a four seater but even a one and six seater can be considered.
  •  Can be driven by anyone who knows to drive.
  •  The wheels magical turn into the propulsions for this car. With a two hand control system the pilot can inform the computer control system about its change or flight manoeuvres.
  •  Its frame is made of fiber reinforced plastic (FRP) which is lightweight, aerodynamic yet strong with great stability and provides complete safety to the vehicle.
  •  Runs on unleaded gasoline and can be run on diesel or natural gas.
  •  It works on automotive gas and is also equipped with parachutes.

Some of its technical specifications would be

  • Weighs approximately 2400pounds
  • 380mph at top speed 20000 feet
  • 300mph at cruise speed 29000 feet
  •  140mph at cruise speed at sea level.
  • 28mpg of fuel consumption.
  • Engine power at 645 hp.
  •  Take off and landing area is 35 feet in diameter


Mr Paul Moller’s dream has now become a reality and they are still in the process of finalisation with talks on. We can expect this wonder car to be out in the market very soon and according to Moller the first model would be out in 2014. Will the M400 skywalk see the light of the day? This is something which we need to wait and watch.

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