6 Weird But Most Beautiful Houses

Weird Homes

I was going through CNBC pages one day and checked out one of the coolest article on Weird Homes which are not only said to beautiful but they are costly too and I thought to share few of them on FunPicWeb.com too. World is full of interesting, beautiful and weird things and we are going to list the world’s  most weird but the wonderful and beautiful homes. These homes are categorized and built both private and public point of view, some of these homes are open for public and some are private homes, among these weird homes, 2 have been built in respect and love for beloved one. In fact some of these are listed even for sale. These home are very beautiful , attractive and weird as well.

Photo Courtesy: Dimitris Yeros

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7 Most Beautiful Dolphins of The World


Dolphins are sea mammals which are closely similar with another sea mammal named whales and sharks. There are almost 40 species are found in oceans. Dolphins are usually found worldwide, specially in deep oceans in different sizes and colors, mostly they are carnivores, eating fish and squid. The Amazing point about the dolphins is that, it is one of the most intelligent animal, their friendly appearance and play full attitude often made then popular in human beings.

Here we are discussing some most commonly known dolphins:

1.  Atlantic hump-backed Dolphins

Atlantic hump-backed Dolphins, measure a maximum length of 2.5 m and weight of 150 kg. They are commonly found in slate to pale gray in color on the dorsal side with some spotted marking and lighter coloring on the ventral side. They also have long beak, large melon , and well-rounded flippers. Their common name comes form the shape of their unique dorsal fin.

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8 Most Beautiful Jellyfish Species


Jellyfish is also known as Jellies or Sea Jellies. These fishes are found in every ocean, from the surface to deep sea and also found in fresh water. More than 200 species of jellyfish are found In oceans. These are large, beautiful and quite attractive in colors but here we are discussing some of the most commonly known jelly fishes .

Types of Jellyfish

1.   Moon Jellyfish

The Moon Jellyfish is the most commonly know among the sea species. It is also known as saucer jellyfish. The name Moonjelly fish can refer to a specific species of jellyfish Aurelia aurita, Because both are quite similar to each other and can only be distinguished genetically. The moon jellyfish varies in size usually between 6 to 8 inches and 20 inches in diameter. Moon Jellyfish stings are mild and non-fatal.

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6 Most Ugliest Animals

Ugliest Animals

This article is  about the ugliest animals of the planet. Here is  the list of the few ugly animals.

Matamata Turtle

The matamata turtle is one of the ugliest animals on the planet. Though they are soft-shelled, they are accomplished hunters. That smile is so misleading.

Hairless Dogs

Hairless dog breeds have little or no hair or fur. They are clean, odor-free and flea-free and generally less likely to produce allergic reactions. Continue reading 6 Most Ugliest Animals