One Of Nature’s Most Unique Ice Creations: Frost Flowers

Frost flowers also called ice blossom or ice castle or even frost castle is a magnificent creation, when water turns solid.

During autumn frost flowers are usually seen blooming or sometimes even on morning of early winter days. This is seen especially when very thin layers of ice are forced out from the stems of plants and even from woods on certain occasions. This outward growth results in some really good looking patterns and when they get curled and folded into frozen petioles, they give rise to this remarkable phenomenon that truly justifies the given name.

This is one of the rarest as well as most magnificent creations. By using water vapor frost are created, while on the other end frost flower usually getting its shape from liquid water. The perfect condition is very much required to make such flowers & late autumn as well as early winter provides nature with this perfect situation. It is essential that weather conditions should be freezing whereas the ground below should be not.

When the temperature drops to freezing point or even below saps present at the base of the plants expand. During the process, the outer layer has to face tremendous pressure and as a result very miniscule cracks begin to appear. Ultimately these cracks are split wide open under sustained pressure.

As the grounds have not yet frozen, water gets sucked continuously in the plant’s stem. This water travels all the way up and during that process the water also reaches the cracks and splits. While doing this traversal water also starts oozing out through these cracks and freezes instantly unaware of the fact that more water is coming from behind. As the water from behind reaches the surface , it freezes also and in this processes pushes the ice out away from the steam thereby giving birth to the petals.

As incredible as it may sound, this frost flower phenomenon can also be seen on gates or fences made of wood.  Such scenarios happen when water goes through pores in the wood instead of cracks as assumed.

If you are lucky enough to experience such flowers then instead of plucking it off, try to capture this unique experience in your camera. Always remember that these frost flowers are very fragile & it could shatter by a single touch.

They are not only delicate. Because of their extremely thin ice sheets, they could melt as the sun goes higher & your chance for the day gets ruined. So if the weather as well as the condition is not permissible your first look can be the very last chance to experience such a delicate & unique frost flowers.

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