Hollywood Actors Relegated To Cheesy B-Horror Movies

Every actor loves to enjoy a rise in their carriers, so experiencing a fall from that embellishment is a bit tough. Nonetheless in Hollywood’s uncertain world, actors can fall from the pick of his/her carrier, within a fraction of a second. It was quite overwhelming to see famous actors ending up (wound up) acting in some corny B Grade movies. Following list will help you to get an idea of these falls of a few famous actors.


David Arquette

David Arquette is also well known for his acting in Scream, Buffy the Vampire Slayer etc. However he also ended up choosing some really disastrous movies like 2002’s released Eight Legged Freaks.

Eric Roberts

He had starred in great movies like The Runaway Train, The King of the Gypsies etc. Some arrests and rehab stints are also associated with him. He career has now taken a turn for the worst and all he does now is parts in some z grade movies like Sharktopus produced by the Sify network. For an actor who has been nominated for An Academy Award as well as for 3 Golden Globe, such situation is really very depressing for him.

Christopher Lee

Christopher Lee is a very well-known face from The Curse of Frankenstein as well as Dracula & Lord of the Rings (total series). However his list of movies also includes some B grade horror flicks to, like Howling II etc.

Corey Feldman

As a child artist he played some really nice characters in 80’s The Lost Boys, Goonies, and Gremlins etc. Later in 1990 he was arrested for cocaine as well as heroin possessions and use. After crossing all these difficulties he managed to bag a role in Voodoo as well as in Puppet Master vs Demonic Toys (some memorable horror classics) etc. However accepting a role for the sequel was a disastrous decision. You can also find him in 2012’s filthy British horror comedy The Zombie King.

William Shatner

Carrier of William Shatner took an opposite turn just after the Star Trek. Situation forced him to take roles in movies like Kingdom of the Spiders, The Devil’s Rain as well as in Twilight Zone rip off Horror at 37000 Feet. These low key options proved his desperation to stay in Hollywood.

Carrie-Anne Moss

This face came to the limelight after the hits Memento as well as Matrix. However poor box office success of Suspect Zero had put her carrier in a downward path. Since that disaster she started appearing low key movies like Silent Hill: Revelation etc.

Linda Blair

Her promising carrier began with The Exorcist, however taking part in its sequel (worst ever) was a very big mistake made by her in 1977. This mistake kept her in B grade movies throughout her carrier. One of the worst characters she played was in the movie called Grotesque.

David Carradine

After tasting great success in Kung Fu, David Carradine has experienced a bizarre fall from his position during 80’s as well as in 90’s. He started appearing in movies like Evil Toons, sequel to Children of the Corn etc. Though bonding with Quentin Taranto for Kill Bill (series) allowed him to taste the success again, but he couldn’t hold on to that for long.

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