Emma Cahill, A Woman in Europe Having Biggest Feet!

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Emma Cahill is a pretty girl from Worcester, England. When you meet her for the first time you could find this 19 year old girl to be quite normal, until you are blessed to see her feet. Her gigantic 6 feet 5 inches size with the title of “women with the biggest feet in Europe” makes her total appearance quite herculean.

However this huge size comes with a few disappointing sides too, like fitting in to the right pair of shoes. Usually normal shoe outlets don’t carry this odd size shoe, so currently Emma is getting her shoes made from a company in Germany, who can prepare shoes that can fit her 14 feet size perfectly. Her feet are considered even bigger than Peter Crouch’s (a famous footballer from England) 12 inches feet.

Normally girls at her age are crazy about wearing stylist heels. But that is a real headache for Emma. From a shop meant for transvestite she has purchased a pair of heels, which is the only heel in her shoe closet. However it’s her dream to find proper girly heels for herself.

Her wired size makes her life really tough when it comes to finding cloths which can fit her body well. In fact she faces difficulties in adjusting inside a car or many other small places. According to her she just loves being a really tall individual. She recalls being approached by a person who was taller than her in a club. However they could not connect at an emotional level as they did not share any common interest. Her preference is still men who are taller than her but she is also aware of the high standards that her preference brings with it.

At the age of nine she can easily manage Jane’s (her mother 49) size nine quite well. She got a proportionate body according to her gigantic feet.

Like Emma many celebrities have also suffered from the size problem at their young age, like Kate Winslet, Michelle Obama etc. Paris Hilton was size 11.5 while on the other hand Angelina Jolie, Rihanna were size 9.

Carl Griffith was the title holder of the biggest feet women in Britain last year. Her over whelming size was 21. While Carl boasted of having a large number of sexual encounters with women, Emma is having trouble finding a suitable partner for her. The feet sometimes scare most of her potential suitors away.

When we are talking about biggest feet women then it would be just unfair not to mention about the women with biggest feet in the world. 21 years old Shen Xiaojing from Nong’an County, China holds this unique title. Since her birth she had out of the ordinary huge feet.  She is lucky enough to get home made shoes prepared by her mother. Measurement of her left foot is 11 centimeter wide & 30 centimeter long, on the other hand her right foot is 12 centimeter wide & 32 centimeter long.


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