7 Most Beautiful Dolphins of The World


Dolphins are sea mammals which are closely similar with another sea mammal named whales and sharks. There are almost 40 species are found in oceans. Dolphins are usually found worldwide, specially in deep oceans in different sizes and colors, mostly they are carnivores, eating fish and squid. The Amazing point about the dolphins is that, it is one of the most intelligent animal, their friendly appearance and play full attitude often made then popular in human beings.

Here we are discussing some most commonly known dolphins:

1.  Atlantic hump-backed Dolphins

Atlantic hump-backed Dolphins, measure a maximum length of 2.5 m and weight of 150 kg. They are commonly found in slate to pale gray in color on the dorsal side with some spotted marking and lighter coloring on the ventral side. They also have long beak, large melon , and well-rounded flippers. Their common name comes form the shape of their unique dorsal fin.

2.  Atlantic Spotted Dolphin

The  Atlantic Spotted Dolphin varies tremendously as they grow. They are mostly found in grey colour. When the calves are weaned, they then begin to get their spots. They  usually  have some dark spots on their belly, and white spots of their flanks. As the animal matures the spots became denser and spread until the body appears black.

3.  Atlantic White Sided Dolphin:

This sea mammal is slightly larger than most other oceanic dolphins. It is just over a meter in length at birth, growing to about 2.8m (males) and 2.5m (females) at maturity. It weighs between 200 kg and 230 kg once fully-grown. Females reach sexual maturity at between 6 and 12 years, and males between 7 and 11 years.

4.  Dusky Dolphin:

The Dusky Dolphin can be found in the Southern Hemisphere near the shores of South America, South Africa and New Zealand. The Dusky Dolphin usually has a spindle shaped body.The dorsal fin is medium in size, vertical then the other species.

5.  False Killer Whale

The False Killer Whale is the third largest member of the oceanic dolphins family. It usually lives  in temperate and tropical waters throughout the world. As  the name shows, the False Killer Whale shares characteristics like  the most  widely known as Orca (killer whale). The False Killer whale is not included in wild animals, it is commonly included in stranded animals.

6.  Black Dolphins:

Black dolphins is one of the most commonly known dolphins. It seems to be quite mysterious species as there is still a lot to learn this dolphins which is still unknown to mankind. It usually eats crabs, fishes and squids.

7.   Fraser Dolphins:

Fraser dolphins are the most  commonly known species in the ocean, which is 1 m long and 20 kg weight at birth , growing range is 2.75 and its weight is 200 kg at adulthood. They have a small fin in relation to the size of the body.  The upper side of the Fraser dolphins is gray – blue to gray brown.


  1. Thank you for these amazing & beautiful pictures Fatima. I really enjoy them and the information is very interesting as well. I had no clue that there were so many different species 😉
    Kind regards, Rita

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