Cutest Baby Animals Which Make You Smile

A cute appearance is made of some physical similarities to infants, sometimes disproportionate sizes like big heads, eyes etc. and soft body features. Playfulness, being fragile, being curious, in some cases helplessness also contributes to the cute appearance. People from cities are often mesmerized by the cute animals and some make collecting cute stuffed animals their hobby hoping that it would improve their mood. Normally Easter sparks the idea of cute animals in our heads and so does spring. The following is a list of such cute animals that we find in the wild and that instant makes us smile.

Giant Panda

Cubs of giant panda are not very big. Usually they begin to walk almost after 75 days after they are born. During that period their mother keeps them busy by playing with them.

Pygmy Hippos

Baby pigmy hippo normally weighs between 9.9 to 13.7 pounds & they are able to grow to 400 to 600 pounds. They can be born on land as well as in water. Just after their birth they are able to swim instantly. They become fully independent by the time they are 8 months old.

Baby Owls

Usually owls try to get other bird’s left-over nest as their area or sometimes they simply find a good spot for themselves. They can produce from 1 to 13 eggs in a nest. Because of inadequate availability of food sometimes these chicks fail to survive. Usually male owls try their best to provide the required food. After the hatching process they usually take 3 to 9 weeks to fly well.

Phayre’s Leaf Monkey

Just like we humans, the whole family of monkeys help to raise their little one. The complete process is popularly known as co-operative breeding.

Little Blue Penguins

There are various different species of penguins & smallest among them is little blue penguin, who lives in southernmost beaches of New Zealand as well as in Australia. This little blue guys are very cute & distinctly different from others.

New Baby Puma

Puma belongs to the family of big cats, which are also known as cougar or mountain lion or panther or even mountain cat. They are found mostly in the western hemisphere as far as the Southern part of Alaska and the Southern end of South America. After they grow up completely they hold the position of one of the most fearsome hunters of the western hemisphere. These babies are endearing like any other kittens.

Polar Bears

These mothers really work hard & also make lot of sacrifices to bring up their kids. They often starve while they feed their milk to their children. Until their cubs are ready to walk, they mostly survive on vegetation.
Baby Bulldog
Baby bulldogs are so cute that you simply can’t withdraw your attention from them. They are born with wrinkled face & grow up with it, something that makes people lough. They are known to be friendly as well as gentle & patient too.
Koala “Bears”
Though they are commonly called koala bears but they are not linked with the bear family. Their similarities with cute teddy bears got them this name. Like other baby animals they also begin life with a lazy attitude & survive by chewing the leaves of eucalyptus tree. However these babies never develop into well productive adults. They can sleep up to 22 hours in a day.
Pygmy hedgehog
This popular animal originated from an African species. Video games like Sonic & Hedgehog video game have increased its popularity by quite a bit. They normally appear to be mild and non- aggressive. They have hard spikes all over their body and form a perfect defense mechanism for them.

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