Creative Thoughts For Christmas Tree

Among our various childhood memories designing Christmas tree is a very special one. As time goes by, ideas for Christmas trees have changed a lot. Many people are opposing tree chopping & such a scenario gives various other ideas which can complement your interiors too.


Creating Tree With Card or Pictures


People suffering from allergy will definitely prefer this idea. Figure out a perfect bare wall & hang your Christmas cards in the shape of Christmas tree. Instead of cards, family pictures would also do wonders. Abstract art lovers will also appreciate this idea.

Christmas Tree With Gift Bags/Gifts


If you are quite confused about where to put your gifts then here is your solution. Get different sized gift bags & hang them in the shape of Christmas tree. You can use these bags for putting your gifts as well as it will fulfill your requirement for Christmas tree also. You can put them as some corner or even use them as a table top tree.

Christmas Tree With Dowels


Firstly you need to put white color on your dowels to get the winter feeling & then put them together in the shape of Christmas tree with the help of glue. To make it more attractive don’t forget to put a glittery star at the top. Make sure your base is firm enough to hold it well.

With Rolled Wrapping Papers


Arrange some bright colored papers with green in it. Roll them into various different sizes so that it will give a shape of a tree. Place them according to its size & then put some matching buttons on it. A shiny star at the top will complete the whole look.

With Some leftover Woods


Arrange some unused woods & cut them from long to small (to get the tree shape). By using nails put those pieces on a wood stick (bigger one at the bottom & shorter one at the top). This will allow you to enjoy the feel of Christmas tree irrespective of constraints.

By Using Egg Cartons


Arrange some egg cartons (enough to get the shape of a tree) & put some attractive colors (suitable for tree) on it. With the help of these colors get the shape of Christmas tree. Purchase some minimal decorations like shiny bow or some balls to stick on the cartons.

Floating Tree With Ornaments


To save your place this idea would definitely work. Get some tree ornaments (white to get the wintery feeling or green for perfect tree) & arrange a free space to hang them in the shape of a Christmas tree. To make it more interesting you can put some decorated gift boxes at the bottom of this hanging tree.

With Tripod


If you already have tripods then use it for your Christmas tree. It will help you to save some bucks too. You just need to get some shiny balls & some other decorations like stars or even pearl chains etc. Put those decorations on your tripod to get the feel of a Christmas tree. You can also put some small lights on it too. If the color of your tripod is white then red colored balls will give an attractive look.

With Hardcover Books


Arrange some hard covered books & open them from the middle. Now place them in such a way that hard covers will stay at the top. No matter what the size you just need to get that perfect shape of a Christmas tree. Put them open one after another for getting the shape & use some ornaments on it like stars hanging from chairs or some different sized balls etc. Don’t forget to put the star on top of it.

Balloon Tree


Arrange some white balloons (or some other colors too as per your choice) & blow them carefully to get the same size. Arrange them in the shape of a tree. Make sure you have tied them with firm threads so that you can allow this Christmas tree shaped balloons to fly. You can put some replica of wintery animals at the bottom of the flying tree.

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