10 Unique And Unusual Trees Around The World

Works of Nature are full of amazement for the human eye. It shows its uniqueness in different shapes and forms, in different species. Sometimes we see unique animal species or a strikingly different plant. All of these make their way through the work of art and literature, and due to their mystery of origin, they sometimes become a symbol of mysticism.

Bahrain’s Tree Of Life

With a hint of mythological importance, this unique tree stands alone in the desert of Bahrain. It is around 400 years old. Its most amazing aspect is its existence without any evident water supply. Two mythological fames are attached to the fame of Tree of Life; one its providing shelter to the Prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H, and second is its indication of the exact location of Eden.

Cambodia’s Silk Cotton Trees of Ta Prohm
The unique twining tree around the temple of Ta Prohm is an overwhelming site. Tourists from all around the world are attracted to the site to see silk cotton and strangler fig tree roots taking their way to find sunlight, fresh air, and water. The idol of the temple is so immensely covered with tree roots that it seems peeping through them.

Allouville-Bellefosse’s Chêne-Chapelle
The famous Chapel Tree naturally was formed after a lightning strike, as it was hollowed. The 17th century French tree is more of a building than just a hollow tree. The Abbey of Detroit and Cerceau constructed an altar to the Virgin Mary, giving it the shape of a Chapel. Its damages have been covered with wood shingles and the weakened structure has been supported with ropes.

California’s Giant Sequoias
These are regarded as the world’s largest trees, and they are found only in Sierra Nevada, California. The two most famous amongst them are General Sherman and General Grant measuring about 102.6 ft and 107.5 ft respectively. They are situated in Sequoia National Park and look bigger than a giant would look, and are around 2,200 years old.

Coast Redwood’s Drive Thru Trees
These are the tallest tree in the whole world, with a cut through making passage for cars. The tallest of all is Hyperion found in the Redwood National Park, is another member of Sequoia species. Four trees in all offer the drive thru. The Chandelier Tree is the most famous one with a 9×6 foot drive thru hole in it.

Madagascar’s Baobab Tree
It is one of the unique looking trees of the world. These trees can grow from 15ft to 100ft with a trunk up to 35ft dia. Their native land is Madagascar, and they also grow in Africa and Australia. However, the biggest cluster of these trees is in Madagascar. Their puffed up trunks store 31,700 gallons of water to be consumed in harsh weather conditions.

Canary Islands’s Dragon Tree
The dragon tree is a combination of several thin and small trunks, altogether making one large trunk. It is considered as old as 650 to 1500 years. The tree located at Icod de los Vinos in Tenerife secretes a certain resin, which is known as the dried form of dragon blood, giving it its unique name.

Brazil’s Pirangi Cashew Tree
The 117 years old tree offers an amazing site to look at. It is the most productive cashew nut tree of the world, producing 80,000 nuts each year. It covers a large area of 2 acres (8,500 square meters) and appears as a whole forest. It is 80% bigger than regular cashew nuts trees in all respects. It grows sideways instead of upwards.

California’s Circus Trees
Came into existence as a result of a hobby of an American ‘arborsculptor’ Axel Erlandson, these trees are no less than an art work. He used a unique technique of grafting, which helped the trees grow in several patterns. Presently they are planted in Gilroy Gardens amusement park.

Gryfino’s Crooked Forest
These amazingly bent trees are found near Gryfino, West Poland. They are around 400 in number. With a unique curve at the base of their trunk, they are speculated to be grown on purpose through some machinery. Their growth ceased in WW2, and today they stand as a sign of mystery for the human minds.

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